After more than ten years in business, we felt it was time to bring our insights online for the benefit of all. After all, a company doesn’t sell toner cartridges, ink cartridges, media supplies, memory, and mobile accessories for ten years without learning a lot about what customers want and need in those products.  Having worked with manufacturers, suppliers and customers of all types, we have much to share that we know will be useful.

Thus was born the concept for this blog. We will bring honest and useful information from within the industries we serve and try to make it approachable to our visitors and customers. We think this is important because the average user of the products we sell usually can’t take the time to understand the intricacies of why certain products perform better or are less costly than others. With our experience in these areas we will reveal the essence of what matters when making a product choice, thereby speeding the process and helping people make a quick selection of products that are right for their needs.

For those who want a little more depth, we will be posting some more detailed explanations of what matters when selecting products. These will reveal some of the more subtle differences between otherwise very similar products. For example, some remanufactured toner cartridges don’t get a new drum, as a cost saving measure. But, most of the time you can’t tell when purchasing because the retailer doesn’t reveal this and may not even know themselves. We’ll give you more details on that here because it can have a significant effect on cartridge life and print quality, but may not show up until you are half way through the toner charge.

Customers and visitors who have known us for awhile may remember when we exposed the widespread availability of imitation Taiyo Yuden blank media, which did not perform anything like the original product. We refused to sell those lower-priced imitations even though it meant some customers were going elsewhere. When people realized we stood our ground regarding original, quality products like Taiyo Yuden media, we grew.

We will continue to do the same in our other product categories. There is significant variability in price and quality in toner cartridges and ink cartridges, for example. Most customers just want a cartridge that produces good quality prints for a reasonable number of pages at a reasonable price. But with price being the number one complaint for genuine original equipment manufacturer cartridges (“OEM”), there is good reason to hope to find a supplier that is reliable while not paying the premium required of the name brand. Can it be done or will you always have to get the original to get reliable quality? We’ll help with that here too.

So, let us here at LINKYO Corporation help you quickly and easily understand what matters in the products you rely on. We’re working hard to make it a breeze for you to select the products you need and get them shipped quickly. Meanwhile, we’ll keep an ear open for your feedback.

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