If you have servers, you probably have tape drives and the new LTO-6 Ultrium tapes are worth a look as your upgraded storage solution. Backup tape drives are likely keeping all of your business’s important data safe already. With so much valuable data at stake, it’s important to choose the best backup tapes for your server equipment. Linear Tape Open (LTO) remains the most popular with I.T. professionals, due to its high storage capacity.

With each generation, LTO tapes have increased in speed and capacity. The upcoming LTO-6 doubles the storage capacity of LTO-5 tapes, as well as a few other advancements. Below are a few of the reasons LTO-6 is highly anticipated in the information technology world.

3.2 TB Storage

While LTO-5 doubled the storage capacity of its predecessor, LTO-6 more than doubles the capacity of its predecessor, jumping from 1.5 TB to 3.2 TB. The industry knows audio and video files are a more integral part of today’s business world than ever before and LTO-6 addresses the demand for more storage. Additionally, your data will be transferred more quickly, with speeds of up to 200 MB per second.

Compression Capabilities

LTO-6 will have 2:5:1 compression, which takes your storage capacity to an astounding 8 TB. By using compression, you can also increase your transfer speed to up to 525 MB per second. This is a great addition to an already impressive product.

Other Features

Like LTO-4 and LTO-5, LTO-6 will offer WORM and encryption capabilities—two items that have become a must for companies with sensitive data that needs to be kept secure. Partitioning, a feature that was introduced with LTO-5, is also planned to be continued with LTO-6.

Upgrading to tape drives that support the new Linear Tape Open format, LTO-6, will help you make sure you’re ready to take on the latest technology. The payoff in being able to efficiently back up and store your data will be worth it with the LTO-6 data storage tapes.

+Scott Roy Smith

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