Though our world is quickly advancing towards digital music, gaming, movies, and TV which is easily accessible online. Although digital media has made everything speedy and swift, however, when it comes to stability and security CDs and DVDs maintain a different market. But, nowadays the market for CDs and DVDs been diminishing. We have made a list of points why CDs and DVDs should be on your list of products to help your business.


  • Data storage: For digital storage, you need more security but to store CDs and DVDs you just need the physical storage and you don’t need to worry about the security. Buying a digital storage can make you pay twice one for the content and the second for the storage. Even in digital media the ability to access it and the life of storage is a big problem.


  • Ownership: Digital ownership is a myth, buying it doesn’t make you the owner of it. But, when you buy a Blank Media i.e a CD or DVD you literally own it and the data it contains. Buying digital content is more of licensing the content legally using it which means if you break the terms or the terms change in the future then you’ll lose the access.


  • Sharing: This is one of the worst things about digital media, you can’t share them or they aren’t transferrable. Sending a digital media file counts as internet piracy. But when it comes to physical media, you can lend it to anyone just by handing it over and you’ll get it back when they are done.


  • Resale: You can’t sell something you don’t own and digital media is something that you can never own. A digital file has 100% sunk cost that means you can’t extract any value from them. But think about the physical media, it’s almost a win-win situation you can extract the values from them and then you can also sell them at a better price.


  • Less dependability: Technology, without doubt, is a beautiful thing but if your device is incompatible or your systems don’t respond or your Wi-Fi is not working then it may lead to losing access to your data. But,CDs and DVDs can always be used offline.


  • Customizable: You can’t alter the digital media or its contents but the physical media can be altered anytime, a blank media can always be filled with your desired contents and you can erase them when you don’t want it.


  • Display: At the end of the day, you can display the physical media to your friends but digital media can’t be displayed.


A competition between physical and digital media has no clear winner but when it comes to offering a media to your business then physical media must be your choice so that the security of your business can never be negotiated. Stability is another thing that is assured with the physical media.

Though technology is a wonderful friend but to grow your business efficiently and safely you need to go use physical media.



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