Living in a world where everyone is inundated with online advertisements and email marketing to convey anything, using a proven approach like ‘Print Media’ holds a significant importance to leave a lasting impact.

Print materials and publications offers experience that can’t be created online. You’re able to appear more credible and maintain engagement for a longer period of time.

If you are looking for inkjet printer or laser printer for any of your needs and got stuck in making the decision, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, not only are you going to get acquainted with the basics of both types of printers but also get the detailed information on how to choose the best one.

Let’s jump in.

Inkjet Printers

 Introduced in the 198o’s, inkjet printers create images using the tiny ink droplets on to the paper. Such printers include a series of nozzles and are controlled by a small circuit board comprising of microprocessor and memory. Additionally,there is a color ink cartridge with cyan, magenta and yellow inks in separate tanks. Inkjet printers are often the perfect choice when it comes to getting high-quality photos & graphics and best value for the budget.

Laser Printers                                                    

Laser printers, as the name implies, uses the laser and electrical charge model to produce materials. It uses a focused beam to transfer text and images on to the paper. Once the paper passes through the printer, the beam fires through the surface of a cylindrical drum called photo receptor. The pattern formed on the drum is then layered with toner using a toner cartridge. It is black in most cartridges but also available in magenta,cyan and yellow in color laser printers. As the paper passes through the printer, it is given a strong negative charge that creates a clean copy of the image.

Inkjet or Laser –Choosing the Right One

When it comes to choosing between inkjet and laser printers, there are three factors that determines the best value for investment. These include:


This factor is considered on the basis of output you need from your printer. If you are looking for vibrant, high-resolution images, you can opt for inkjet printers. While if you are printing a lot of business documents and have readability a priority, you can opt for laser printers.

There is a common notion that inkjet printers are for colored images and laser printers for black and white. However, the advancements in printer technology lately have also allowed laser printers to produce colored photos. Color laser printers may not produce as meticulous and precise photographic prints like inkjet printers, but are considered ideal for those looking for better quality colored images along with reliability, resolution and monetary benefits.


In terms of speed, laser printers always gained the major eyeballs. Such printers can print up to 100 pages per minute while inkjet printers can produce a maximum of 70 pages. Laser printers print documents quite fast and require less or no clutter to clean up. 


If you are dealing in a business that requires a great amount of internal report sand marketing materials to be produced, laser printers can be your savior.Although laser printers costs more than the inkjet printers, the savings are substantial for the long run. So, if you want to reduce your long term costs and increase your profit margins, always go for laser printers.

To conclude, when making the decision between inkjet and laser printers, the most important advice to follow is to consider the needs first thoroughly. Getting the assistance from a professional will also make a huge difference to choose the best one.

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