2019 is here.

As it is the best time of promoting exclusive offers, giveaways, brochures, catalogues, thank you cards, and whatnot, You have been working rigorously to ramp up the sales of your business or acquire new customers.

But imagine what if instead of implementing these marketing strategies, you have to invest time and resources in repairing your printer. Imagine the ink or toner cartridge failed and you are not able to get the required quality for your printing materials.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, despite running a digitally-advanced organization, the need for traditional work settings like printing will never be replaced. And when it comes to printers, there are common issues that most owners face owing to the negligence in repair or maintenance.

If you don’t want to be amongst them, it is highly advisable you take necessary precautions to effectively manage printing environment and reduce overhead costs.

Tips to Maintain Ink Cartridges    

Ink cartridges are the most expensive part of an inkjet printer. Hence, it is essential to keep them clean and prevent them from clogging up. Fortunately, it’s not an uphill battle to maintain such cartridges, a few tips to follow and you can ensure efficient printing service. Let’s take a look at each of them.

An active mode goes a long way- With the increasing dependence on digital platforms, there is condensed use of printing these days. However, it is essential to make a habit of printing several pages a week by utilizing all the colors in the ink cartridges, as ink cartridges are prone to get dried out if not used actively. This saves you from a lot of nuisance when there is an emergency to print important documents.

Be accurate with the position- It is crucial to store cartridges in an erect position at all times. If it is not stored properly, the print heads can leak or may also cause ink mixing. This usually causes a lot of printing issues once it is installed in the printer.

Place it in an appropriate temperature- Inkjet printer cartridge should always be placed in a moderate temperature. An exposure to extreme heat or cold will ultimately result in depreciated quality of prints and no optimum use for any purpose.

Replace it before the warning signal hits & with utmost care- Majority of printer owners have a tendency to ignore replacing of the cartridges until it dries up completely. While it is not mandatory to replace it immediately after getting the warning, it is wise to do it within a few weeks to avoid any malfunctions in the printer head.

Tips to Maintain Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges also come with a vulnerability to damages. Some of the common problems associated are light print, faulty drum, ink spread, dark spots, etc. To avoid facing such hitches, make sure you:

Shake your cartridge well in a timely manner- If you seldom print documents using a laser printer or have placed it in inappropriate temperature, it leads the toner to get settled into a certain position, melt inside the cartridge and produce streaky and uneven pages. Store it in a place that is relatively cool and shake it gently in regular intervals to help the toner process uniformly throughout the cartridge.

Protect it from dust & wreckage- When not in use, make sure the toner is safe from dust particles and no scratches come to the drum unit. If the manufacturer of your printer recommends cleaning sheets, never fail to invest in reliable maintenance kits or get in touch with experts for a thorough cleaning.

Turn the lights off- Toner cartridges should always be left with the lights off. As the drum comprises of photosensitive units, high exposure always leads to produce grainy prints or the one with missing section.

When it comes to maintaining or replacing cartridges, it is important you follow instructions carefully or rely on the professional ink and toner finder services. Any laxity can reduce the quality of the print and negatively impact the overall performance of the printer.

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