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It was bound to happen: 3D printing has become front-and-center in New York’s fashion scene.

The Big Apple hosted a three-day event that included a showcase on 3D-printed apparel. Designers included Catherine Wales of the UK, Kay Kwok of China, and the States’ own Frances Guevara. Jewelry, gowns, and shows were all on display, reflecting the fashion world’s eclectic style.

Given how little of the high-end fashion scene ever makes it to production, there’s slim chance these flamboyant works will ever be seen on the street. (That may not be such a bad thing.) Even so, the whole event shows the imaginative scope that 3DP is taking on.

News Source: 3DPrintshow.com
Image Source: Fashion Ave – Manhattan | Flickr – Photo Sharing! www.GlynLowe.com | Attribution 2.0 Generic / CC BY 2.0

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