The Original HP 564 and 564XL are two ink cartridges commonly found in HP Photosmart and Deskjet printers. As we all know, buying ink can be pricey – but here’s a quick guide on the difference between HP 564 and 564XL.

original hp 564 ink cartridges

The Original HP 564 and 564XL ink cartridge is available in five colors: Black, Photo Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. A black cartridge contains twice the ink that a color (magenta, yellow, and cyan) cartridge, but yields fewer pages according to the International Standards Organization (ISO).

The 564 and 564XL are interchangeable. The only difference between the two types is that the XL contains more ink. Take a look at this table for the black ink cartridges:


Cartridge Model Ink Capacity Page Yield
564 7.5mL 250 pgs.
564XL 14mL 550 pgs.


Black contains more ink per cartridge than do the color cartridges, but it yields fewer total pages. The 564 cyan cartridge holds 3.5 mL of ink, but yields 300 pgs. Yellow is the same. (Magenta holds 4.0 mL, but still yields 300 pgs.)

One can see from this information that the XL delivers nearly twice the ink and page yields.

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