Sometimes, when we look at the technology advancement, it feels that we are ahead of the time. The new advancement is printing a 3D model! There should be a different word for it because from the beginning, we have an assumption that printing results in an impression on a paper; creating a whole object through printing is a complex and a tough job. So, that’s the status of technology where we don’t have words to define the processes anymore.

Unlike the other printer that uses ink and toner cartridges, 3D printer depends on different plastics. Have you noticed that after printing on a 2D surface multiple times, a thick layer of ink is formed which is 3D in nature; the idea of 3D printing may have derived from the same.

How it’s done?

Any object created through 3D printing draws its roots in a 3D model in a computer. The digital design which is termed as a Computer Aided Design (CAD) file is either made through a 3D modeling software or from the data from a 3D scanner through which a digital copy of the model is created. This whole process of preparing a 3D model is called slicing which basically means dividing a 3D model into hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers through a slicing software.
After slicing, the 3D model is ready to upload in the 3D printer, and as the file is uploaded to the system it can be printed into an object layer by layer.

What can it do?

3D printing is the start of new industrial revolution which will allow you to create anything virtually at home. Combined with internet 3D printing, it can eliminate the need of building basic items at factories. It’s like you need a soap and you assign the task to the printer and it will be done.

Where does it stand?

Right now a 3D printer costs around £300 to £3,000 and prints only two types of plastic ABS and PLA. The risks are high in this because a minute error can result in the destruction of the whole object. But it’s just the beginning, mistakes and problems are bound to arise. Gradual progression of this technology can do wonders.

3D scanning! A friend to the layman

3D scanning has assisted this process to make a giant leap. People don’t need to prepare 3D model using CAD which need skill, training and knowledge. They can just scan the object and then upload the file to the printer. It’s like sharing music online.

The tides that will hit big firms.

Once 3D printing becomes capable of printing a smartphone, it will be tough for the developers to keep their technology clandestine. Making a product will be as simple as spotting a song on the internet. The competency of a 3D printer to substitute conventional factory production lines can also lead to devastating multinational corporation’s technologies.

The spectrum of 3D printing is vast and it is so huge that you no longer need to regret breaking an object coz you can make a new one. The statement “Out of stock” can be just removed from warehouses.

Emissions that are less than cooking on stove and smelling like a waffle is how 3D printing feels. It indeed requires a lot of creativity but it isn’t tough to learn. Product designing can discover a great future through 3D printing.

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