Many people just stack their CDs or DVDs and leave them laying out, exposed to many hazards. While these optical disc formats do have a certain amount of redundancy so that a disc player can recover lost information, leaving them exposed without some protection will put your videos, music, or data at greater risk that is necessary. Protection as simple as a paper cover can prevent contamination, nicks, or scratches in the disc surface.

Preservation of discs is important and not at all difficult. In addition to, protecting the discs, the appearance of your storage location can be greatly improved if you do not have stacks of unprotected DVDs and CDs in multiple piles. A simple, basic sleeve or cover for these discs will also make them easier to clearly label and organize.

You can make a simple case or sleeve for CDs or DVDs out of an regular sheet of paper. This is an easy and inexpensive way to protect and organize your precious video, music, or data discs. The instructions to do this are below.

Instructions for Making a CD-DVD Sleeve or Case from a Sheet of Paper

create a paper CD DVD sleeve - step 1Step 1 – Start with a standard 8½ x 11 sheet of paper.

create a paper CD DVD sleeve - step 2Step 2 – Fold the left and right side toward the center as shown.

create a paper CD DVD sleeve - step 3Step 3 – Form a pocket by folding the top down and creasing it.

create a paper CD DVD sleeve - step 4Step 4 – Now lift the pocket flap from step 3 back up half way. Then fold the left and right inside corners under that top flap at 45 degrees, as shown in this photo.

create a paper CD DVD sleeve - step 5Step 5 – Spread the sides of the pocket to the sides to make the "wings" shown here on the left and right sides.

create a paper CD DVD sleeve - step 6Step 6 – While folding that top flap of the pocket back down, tuck the wings in between the the front and back parts of the so they are not sticking out. Slip the disc into the pocket. Flatten the pocket so the disc will stay in the pocket. Now dog-ear the bottom corners as shown.

create a paper CD DVD sleeve - step 7Step 7 – Tuck the dog-eared flap into the pocket.

You're done with your simple protective cover for a CD or DVD. You can also write on the sleeve to indicate what it contains.

Of course, if homemade paper cases aren't your style, you can find great deals on CD and DVD cases on-line.

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