It's something every printer owner faces: A complicated list of similar, yet teeny bit different, cartridge numbers. If you're an owner of, say, a Brother 5340 or 8480 laser printer, you'll find yourself in this category. Are you supposed to use the TN-620 or similarly named TN-650 toner cartridge?

The TN-620 is what's called a low-yield toner cartridge, while the TN-650 is considered a high-yield cartridge. Based on the criteria (5% page coverage) set by the International Standards Organization (ISO), the TN-620 yields up to 3,000 pages and the TN-650 up to 8,000 pages--hence the use of "low" and "high."

Otherwise, the TN-620 and TN-650 are the same. They fit the same fifteen Brother printer models, use the same cartridge, and come from the same factory. SuperMediaStore retails the original Brother low-yield TN-620 for $63.97 and the high-yield TN-650 for $92.99

Here's where LINKYO comes in.

LINKYO offers its own brand of TN-620 and TN-650 toner cartridges that are fully compatible with Brother printers without voiding your printer's warranty. LINKYO's toner cartridges match Brother's in page yield, image clarity, and durability.

So what's the difference? Price. LINKYO offers you identical quality and quantity, but for a fraction less.

brother tn-620 toner cartridgelinkyo compatible brother tn-620 toner cartridge

Just see the price difference: original Brother TN-620 retails for $64, but LINKYO sells its own cartridge for just $26--almost 40% off the price.

That's only half the picture.

brother tn-650 toner cartridgelinkyo compatible brother tn-650 toner cartridge

LINKYO will upgrade any customer's TN-620 cartridge to a TN-650 for free. Compare LINKYO's TN-650 to Brother's and you save over 70%. OEM-level quality and quantity for ⅓ the cost--all with FREE SHIPPING and an extensive two-year money-back guarantee.

To make a great deal even better, use LINKYO's coupon code LY13BG and get an extra 10% off. No ifs, ands, or buts--$25.99 for a high-yield TN-650 toner cartridge with free shipping and an added 10% off.

It doesn't get any better.

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3 thoughts on “What’s the Difference? Brother TN620 vs TN650 Toner

  1. This is useful info for those that don’t know how to calculate cost of ownership, but I was hoping for actual usage data rather than relying on manufacturer’s figures. My original TN620 printed 2737 pages. I then replaced it with a remanufactured TN650 that was supposed to print 8000 pages; it actually printed 2877 pages. This leaves me wondering if my brother just counts pages, then gives the error toner light, it the refiller neglected to reset something on the cartridge so the printer recognizes it as the high capacity TN650, or if they just didn’t put the proper amount of toner in the cartridge and ripped me off.

    Does anyone know how many grams of toner are supposed to be in these cartridges? One place I looked seemed to indicate 200-220 grams for a TN620 and twice that for a TN650. That would not seem to add up quite right with the 3000/8000 prints figures given by the manufacturer, but perhaps some is wasted on the pickup roller and the insides of the empty cartridge, but I can’t imagine it is 2000 pages worth.

    Any further info on these topics would be helpful. Thanks!

    1. Hi Robin,

      Thank you for your post. We are currently contacting our QA Department to see if we can find out more information for you. I will post additional reply as soon as we hear back. We appreciate your feedback.

      1. Hi Robin,

        Based on our research, there is typically 200 grams of toner in TN650 and 115 grams of toner in TN620. If you any other questions, please feel free to post them. Thank you.

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