About LINKYO Insights

Welcome to LINKYO Insights at SuperMediaStore.com.

We created this area of our site to have a place to share the wisdom we and our colleagues have developed over the years regarding the products we sell. This content is meant to provide insight into how to gain the best value from the products we offer.

You will find that for many product categories, like laser printer toner cartridges, we have a selection of brands and products to meet varying needs. We also make available enough information for each so customers can compare and choose the product appropriate to their needs.

For example, some time back, we threw the door wide open on how to verify that you had purchased genuine Taiyo Yuden blank media. We refused to sell any of the fake stuff, and you can trust we will continue to do the same with all our products.

Since many of these products have differences that the average user may not readily know about, LINKYO Insights will continue to make posts available to explain those differences.

So, if you are not sure how 5% coverage relates to page yield, check out our post on that subject. Or maybe you need to know more from this post about the LTO-6 Ultrium back up tapes to see if they are right for you.

Check back often since we will continue to add clear information that will be helpful to people who shop for the products we sell.

Happy Shopping to you!

The SuperMediaStore.com Team at LINKYO Corp